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The Elder Son–Chapter 14

By E. Williams

This book began on June 24.  You may want to go there to begin reading.

I suppose if Mom had said come home right away, I would have gone, but she only sighed and said goodbye.

“She doesn’t care if I come or not,” I said.  “Now that she’s got Janet to fuss over.”

“Sit down for a minute, Nina,” Mary Beth’s mother said. “We need to talk about the way you’re feeling about Janet coming home.”

“I don’t want to talk about her.”

“All right.  Let’s talk about the lost sheep in the Bible.  There were ninety-nine sheep in the fold.  They were safe and well fed and they knew the shepherd cared for them.  Do you think they were angry when he left them to look for the one that was lost?”

“Sheep can’t think,” I muttered.

Mary Beth’s mother sighed, just like Mom had done.  “Did you know your brother is coming home today?  Don’t you want to go see him?”

I did want to see Ron.  I thought he might understand how I felt.  He knew how Janet had hurt the family.  He had been hurt, too.  Maybe we could get together and get Mom and Dad to send Janet away somewhere.  I wouldn’t go home to talk to Ron, but I thought he would come to see me.  I looked for him all morning, but it was afternoon before I saw him walking up the street.  I ran to meet him.

“Hi, little sister,” he said.  “You know, I think you get prettier every time I see you.  Janet’s home.  Don’t you want to come back with me and see her?”

“No,” I said.  “I don’t want her there.  I don’t think she has a right to come home and mess everything up again.”