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Books and articles written for and by the mentally challenged community

Shelly’s Page

Shelly will be sharing her thoughts on this page

How to Deal with our Aging Parents or Grandparents

An Essay by Michelle Demeree

  1. Learn to see your parents or grandparents as role models.
  2. Think of them as they were before.  Now think of them as they are now.  Remember them as beautiful and fun.  Remember how they were a joy in our lives.
  3. Then, let’s go out of the box and say, “Even though they are not the same, we will love them just as much as we did before.”

Your Anger

An Essay by Shelly Demeree

It is true that the person who controls my anger, controls me.  Who makes me angry?  No one, except me. 

Of course, we have to pick our own choices.  We choice what we will get angry about.  It is not bad to get angry for the right reasons.  It is a good thing.

So we should put our heads together and think how to control our anger.  The most important thing is we can pray for each other. 


The Family of Rules

by Shelly Demeree

I know.

                       Your family is all about rules.

Do you know?

                       They help us.

Choices become better choices with rules.

                                                     With rules,

                                                         we are able to know ourselves better.

                               Rules give us guidance to see things as they are.

We can be thankful that our families have raised us very well…

                                                                                                              with rules.



From a Child to a Mother

by Shelly Demeree

We see love. 

But each love is different. 

                                                    With mothers, that is a love so real.

                                                    And so expected.

So expected that we forget how much

                                                               They love us.

                                                               They give great parts of their heart.

To us,

                We want to say, “Thank you for your love.”



Changes of the Seasons

by Shelly Demeree

We look at the meaning of spring. 

                                       We know that spring can mean that change is here.

Spring means we will have fun in the sun

                  We begin to feel things around us with fresh hope.

That is good

                 Good to be with our family

                                  Good to be with our friends.

So ENJOY the feeling and changes of spring.



  mark fletcher wrote @

Great picture and great poem! Good job, Shelly.

  Shelly’s Page « Special Gathering Stories wrote @

[…] Shelly’s Page […]

  Chris Demaree wrote @

Hey cuz!! Love the poems and the pic! I know you have lots more writing (like the notebook you gave me!) to post too, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing more! Miss you and the rest of the fam; hopefully we’ll make it down your way sometime soon!

Love from VA,

  Matt Demaree wrote @

Hey look who’s the new webmaster! I’ll have to book mark this for me to visit more. Great poems!

Lots of Love


  Ellie Eaton wrote @

Dear Shelly – Barb and I (Aunt Sis) just read your poems, they were very touching and heartfelt. Keep up the good work, we look forward to reading more! Love you lots! Aunt Sis and Barb

  Smestad Family wrote @

Hi Shelly
We all loved your picture and the poems. What a great writer you are. We all were very touched by them. Keep on writing!!
We love you!
Kim, John, Laura and Kristie

  Peter & Diane Demaree wrote @

Hey Shelly,

We just loved your poems. Someday you may even have enough to write your own book of poems. We will keep checking the site for more surprises.

We are so proud of you. Great job honey!

Uncle Pete & Aunt Di

  Jody Hickson wrote @


These are just wonderful!

I enjoyed reading all of them and can not wait to read more in the future.

Keep up the great work. You are just Super!


  Dr. Aumakua Ra wrote @

My darling neice, Shelly,
Your writing is so wonderful. I write too! Now there are two of us in the family that write!

I hope that you will continue to write from the heart. That is the best writing there is.

I hope you get to read my poems in my poetry book, SONGS OF A SOUL. so we can share our poetry.

LOVE AND BLESSINGS to you always. You are always in my prayers. Angels are all around you all the time. Thank God for their help.


  Visit Shelly’s Page « Specialgathering's Weblog wrote @

[…] mentally challenged community, Special Gathering | Leave a Comment  If you have never visited Shelly’s Page at Special Gathering stories.  You should go.  Michelle Demeree is a gifted member of Special Gathering.  She serves as a […]

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