Special Gathering Stories

Books and articles written for and by the mentally challenged community

Music in Me

By Shelly Demeree

Here is another poem by Shelly.  To see her other works, go to Shelly’s page.

Shelley and Friends at Special Gathering

Shelly and Friends at Special Gathering

You, Lord, are the music in me,

                                   You are our lives and who we can be.

To show every one that we are different,

                                                        We must keep up our faith.

                           And tell what is keeping us strong.

Of course, our strength comes from

                                                  knowing how much we need you, Lord.

                                                                                              Keep the music strong.




  Talented young woman « Specialgathering’s Weblog wrote @

[…] is a writer and some of her work can be found on Specialgatheringstories weblog.  She has her own page on this blog.  I also hope you’ll go to read one of her poems […]

  Brenda Sistler wrote @

This poem is simply beautiful. I’m in tears.
I would like permission to share the poem with the English classes I teach – and perhaps have them meet the author?

I pray God will bless you for publishing the poem.

  specialgathering wrote @

Thank you. You have our permission to share it in your English classes. I know that she would love to come to meet the students. Perhaps we could arrange something? Please let me know.

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